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Little Known Secret (at CD Baby)
  1. Pull Me Outta Shape
  2. Yesterday Is Simply Not Enough
  3. Just Like You
  4. When The Sky Falls
  5. Put The Hammer Down
  6. Dream Come Due
  1. Milky White Smile
  2. Dream Awake
  3. Caroline
  4. Sunny Girl
  5. Graceless
  6. Talking To Maryann
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"Infused with catchy rhythms and melodic hooks like the chart-making rock or
folk country classics you've been humming half your life. Giudice has a knack for
exquisite, understated lyrics with subtle rhymes and word play."

Destination Venus (at CD Baby)
  • 1. Waiting For The War
  • 2. Help
  • 3. She's So Beautiful
  • 4. Hang On Girl
  • 5. Grind
  • 6. Neverending
  • 7. So Close
  • 8. Ball & Chain
  • 9. Untouchable
  • 10. Graceless
  • 11. Grind (acoustic)
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"This 11-song disc evokes the sonic textures of The Band, Wilco and Dream Syndicate co-mingled with the best of America's folk rock roots. The jangling guitars and great melodic lyric phrasing blend to offer a sincere and lingering commentary which can easily be related to the living experience."

'The Epicurean Monk'

"... reminiscent of Paul Westerberg's pop sensibilities, with that raunchy, but graceful sound."

Lee Park, Poughkeepsie Journal

"Giudice blends melodic guitar waves with vocals that run the gamut from lush to desperately emotive."

Justin Habersaat, Woodstock Times